Commit 88cc1388 authored by Legodev's avatar Legodev

return to file as dependency for other files

parent b1272100
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ def createmakefilealldependencies(destinationpath, addonlist):
return 'all: {}'.format(' '.join(addonlist))
def createaddonmakefiledependencies(addon, sourceAddonPath, destinationpath, dependencies):
# dependencies = ["${{DESTINATIONPATH}}/{}.pbo".format(dependency) for dependency in dependencies]
dependencies = ["${{DESTINATIONPATH}}/{}.pbo".format(dependency) for dependency in dependencies]
return '${{DESTINATIONPATH}}/{}.pbo: $(sh find "{}" -type f | sed \'s/ /\\\\\\\\ /g\') {}'.format(addon, sourceAddonPath, ' '.join(dependencies))
def createaddonmakefiledependenciesrefs(addon, destinationpath, branch):
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